THE LAY-UP is an alternative project space conceived in 2009 located at the corner of South 6th Street and Berry Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Situated on the second floor of the private residence of Gallery Director, Jenny Grondin, THE LAY-UP draws from the space’s historical beginnings as a meeting place for artists and a space for private viewings. Following this vein, THE LAY-UP aims to function as both an intimate exhibition space, as well as a grassroots site for collective gatherings and interdisciplinary discussion. In tandem with current exhibition programming, THE LAY-UP will host bi-weekly events ranging from artist talks, movie screenings, and potluck dinners.

THE LAY-UP draws from the eponymous NYC—based term, which describes the underground locations and desolate train hubs where graffiti artists would meet to 'display' their work. The aim is to provide emerging artists with an alternative platform to showcase their work and engage with current social and political themeswith the hopes of mirroring the mythology behind these urban sites of subversive criticality.

THE LAY-UP will host the exhibition LIMINAL SPACE, curated by f(r)iction project, from

January 22 - Feb 18, 2010. For more information, including location, please visit


Over the past five years, Jenny Grondin has worked with both emerging and established artists in New York City and abroad—organizing major exhibitions, artists’ publications, and managing the contemporary art gallery, Tracy Williams, Ltd.

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  1. If you are still hosting exhibitions I would be happy to submit themes. Please let me know!

    David Gibson

    347 265 9858